The Best Free Flash Games Online

Flash games are popular forms of entertainment that countless fans play every day. Due to the fact that there is no download required, this category is perfect for those who wish to enjoy a bit of on-the-go action with the use of a laptop or smartphone. So, what are a handful of the most iconic games to be enjoyed?


tetrisDoom can be considered the “mother” of all three-dimensional first-person shooters. Tracing its roots back to the middle part of the 1990s, Doom has remained a true masterpiece of gaming technology. With the help of online flash portals, players can experience all of the thrills and chills that the original version brought to the screen.

Crush the Castle

There are actually many versions of this game and Crush the Castle is only one title. The main object is to destroy a castle with the help of a large catapult. Ammunition upgrades can be enjoyed and the castles become more fortified as levels increase. This point-and-click platform is ideal for those who cannot be burdened by using keyboard controls.

Desktop Tower Defence

Like Crush the Castle, there are actually many tower defence games available on the Internet. The unique aspect of this variety is that the player is literally trying to defend his or her own desktop using average items. Gun turrets and other defences can be built up as the player progresses and much like other varieties, this game is deceptively challenging.


Why not bring back an old favourite? The drop-and-drag nature of Tetris has remained popular for nearly three decades and its flash counterpart is just as desirable. With its easily recognisable music alongside geometric bliss, Tetris is a must-have platform for any fan of flash games.Of course, flash games will continue to evolve and while a host of new options will be present, it is a safe bet to assume that these three versions will remain popular for players of all ages.

Jakob Pollich