How to Play Bingo

Bingo is a simple and very popular game. Be it online, at home or at a social gathering, there is always a bingo game on offer somewhere. The great thing about bingo though is that it does not require much to set up. Whether it is online bingo, a lottery style bingo or bingo played with real pens and paper, the rules are the same. Read more here about the various types of bingo to play and some tips on how to win. Each player is given a card with a grid on it. Within this grid are various different numbers; in one game no two cards are the same. The caller will then shout out different numbers, or in the case of an online game, the computer will simply select numbers at random. As each number gets called out, the player must check to see if that number is on their card. If it is, then they simply cross it off. The aim of bingo is to successfully cross all numbers off the card before any other player manages to do so. Depending on the game, sometimes players need only cross off a full line, or multiple lines, or they will need to complete the entire card. Completing an entire card is known as a full house and is the top prize of the game Achieving this will also end the game and leave other players with incomplete cards. Check out this lucky winner who won with just one card. For online bingo there are numerous different jackpots on offer. There is a fixed jackpot that returns the same prize with no regard to how many times that game is won. A progressive jackpot will grow incrementally when no one has won it. As more people join and play the game, the jackpot will simply grow until someone wins it. There are also community jackpot options, which mean that any player who is playing at the time that a progressive is being won, gets a small share in the prize money.

Jakob Pollich