Action Games and Accessibility

Most people have at some point played a game on their phone, whether it be Monopoly, Candy Crush, or even Farmville if you remember that rather bizarre trend. However, some people are unaware that in today’s world, action games aren’t limited to a pc or console, but can be accessed from your mobile too.

Are console and pc games available on your phone?

Some quite famous action games can be played directly from your phone. Just look at Call of Duty. This game is most well known as a PC or console based game. However, there is a mobile phone format that’s just as good. You can even play in a live multiplayer scenario while experiencing top notch gaming and graphics on the move. Plus you can earn new weapons and improve your player rating. And, you don’t need to have any equipment other than your phone and Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Are mobile games moving to other formats too?

Interestingly, Pley is working to expand the accessibility and reach of some mobile games by giving developers a platform to host their mobile game on the web. This is an excellent option for players who’d like to experience mobile games on a bigger screen. For developers, it’s a step forward in helping to boost audience reach.

Jakob Pollich